Wireless can be one of the most difficult technologies to deploy.

Stray signals from surrounding networks, the composition of the walls, the number of concurrent users, and even the weather can impact how well a wireless network works. That’s why you need the best technology, and the best partner, to help you design and implement your wireless solution.

Depiction of wireless connectivity over a city landscape.

Computer with dashboard of metrics on screen.

Our Solution

The wireless solutions that we architect can deploy will put you in the driver seat and empower you with:

  • Centralized management
  • Diverse authentication solutions
  • Landing page guest access systems
  • Access control policies
  • Simple scalability with access point profiles deployed by the controller
  • Rogue access point detection and isolation
  • Application intelligence
  • High-density WiFi
  • Optimization for Apple devices
  • Unparalleled support