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Transforming Banking

Envision has a long history of providing technology consulting services to the financial services industry. Having worked with some of the largest national banks, as well as many regional financial institutions, Envision’s keen understanding of the unique needs of the banking industry has made us a leader in bringing Digital Transformation to this unique market.

One recently example of Envision’s expertise for financial services is an engagement we began with New England-based financial institution with approximately 18 locations, over 200 employees, and $2 billion in assets. This company has experienced rapid growth over the past 5 years with a focus is on private banking and commercial lending services.

Current State of the Company

As the company’s operations continue to expand at a more rapid pace, their leadership understands the need to change and further progress along their Digital Transformation journey. The prospect of expedient growth is certainly a positive for the business, but it has also demanded significant strategic deliberation from management about which tools and technologies can best equip the organization to continue along its profitable trajectory. Specifically, they are focused on further developing and evolving the following aspects of their business: company-wide communication and collaboration, cybersecurity, data storage, management of endpoints and mobile devices, and the implementation of modern technologies.

Existing Technical Solutions

Currently, the company has the following technologies and solutions in place:

  • Internally hosted active directory domain (approximate functional level: 2012 R2)
  • Email hosted in-house on Exchange 2016
  • Unstructured data in conventional file servers
  • Multi-factor authentication via Duo, with some users being managed via AirWatch
  • Local endpoints with limited management & visibility (no RMM)

Additionally, all of their Tier I applications are hosted internally, with the exception of the banking system. That banking system is provided as a service on a private network. For the most part, employees communicate with one another and with clients face-to-face, or with phone and email. The company leverages a Cisco IP telephony system, but only for limited chat features.

Desired State

The company’s ultimate vision is to have its users and data become centralized and fully mobile/agile while also maintain a robust security posture throughout their applications and data sources. As a part of their Digital Transformation journey, this financial institution has established the following four goals:

  1. Enable more real-time communication and phase out conventional “intranet” style content distribution
  2. Gain greater control and visibility of where data is stored
  3. Simplify management of endpoints (both company-owned and employee-owned) and centralize the management of mobile devices with standard endpoints
  4. Research and implement new forms of business intelligence, such as PowerBI in combination with AI for anomaly detection

Envision’s Approach

Envision is actively working with this company to fully leverage all that the Microsoft 365 ecosystem can offer, including: MFA/SSO, Azure Information Protection, Azure Threat Protection, Intune, Teams, Power Platform (BI, Apps, Automate), and Azure-Based Windows Virtual Machines. Our team is helping to support a retrofit of existing technologies and implement new solutions alongside the organization’s IT team, facilitating knowledge transfer along the way.

To help this particular client, and others, best manage their Digital Transformation initiatives, Envision use a subscription-based approach. We started with a workshop to present strategies that helped the bank define what digital transformation meant for them, as well as what they can do to take full advantage of the security, agility, and market differentiation that comes with it. We also presented exciting new technologies that are poised to have the greatest impact on the financial services industry for years to come.

Once the company was ready to get started, the subscription model allowed them to get moving without the need for a large, up-front capital expense. Furthermore, our team was able to work on multiple aspects of the strategy simultaneously, allowing the company to see progress on multiple fronts more quickly than will a project-only approach.

Additional Value Through Strong Partnerships

While Envision’s experience deploying technology solutions for banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions is substantial, it is not all we bring to the table. Our expertise is expanded through strong partnerships. These partners have deep experience providing the follow services for the financial services industry:

  • Executive placement
  • Background and security screening
  • Accounting services
  • Training solutions
  • Video production and digital marketing

In Closing

From early stage strategic planning for Digital Transformation, to our subscription-based approach to deployment, to post-deployment support from our award-winning team of managed service experts, Envision has the expertise and resources to lead your financial services business through every phase of your Digital Transformation journey. If you would like to discuss how we can help your company move your own initiatives forward, or would like additional information about our work in the banking and financial services industry, please contact us today.

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