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Bryant Christie, Inc.

Bryant Christie, Inc. works closely with companies from the leading agriculture, food, and beverage industries and helps them to eliminate global trade barriers. They offer one-of-a-kind product databases that provide real-time analysis for the various regulations from each country around the world.

BCI engaged with Envision’s Digital Design & Innovation Division during October, 2016 for a website redesign and digital communications strategy. 

Goals & Criteria for a Successful Website

At the outset of the project, BCI defined three major goals for a successful website redesign:

  1. Do a better job of briefly describing each of their products or services
  2. Cross-sell and link related products or services throughout the website
  3. Allow their website visitors to more effortlessly inquire about a product or service


Through the years, BCI has faced a challenge with their website’s content and how it was organized. For the new website, BCI desired an online presence that could act as a communication tool to more clearly convey information to their client-base about the products and services they provide, and distinguishing between the two. 

In addition to content strategy consulting, BCI needed to integrate the website with their multiple CRMs, as well as streamline and simplify the blog – as each are an integral part of their marketing efforts.

The Solution

Bryant Christie, Inc. website

To achieve the goals of this project, Envision re-architected the site’s navigation structure to provide more clarity to its users. A modern layout was designed with attractive visuals and succinct messaging to help users easily find what they’re looking for. Bold and engaging calls-to-action were strategically placed on key pages throughout the site to generate a higher volume of inquiries. As a result, BCI’s clean, contemporary, and user-friendly website now reflects their high-end, industry-leading products and services.

In addition to the new look and feel for the site, Envision also introduced advanced customizations to the blogging platform and API modules which were integrated with BCI’s multiple CRMs. These enhancements allowed BCI’s customers the opportunity to subscribe to their preferred information source and have it be optimized for their business needs. BCI also benefited as these upgrades allowed them to send out segmented and automated weekly newsletters to their customer-base. The BCI team has realized the critical marketing efficiencies as well as the more informed and satisfied customer base it sought to achieve.

Envision looks forward to continuing a partnership with BCI, hosting its state-of-the-art and secure website, and providing ongoing website and technical support.

BCI's new website can be seen at

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