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CharterCARE’s work with Envision goes back many years and covers a wide range of design and online strategy services.

Prior to the formation of CharterCARE, Envision provided web design and development services for all of the St. Joseph Health Center properties, including Fatima Hospital. When St. Joes merged with Roger Williams Medical Center under the CharterCARE banner, this new organization trusted Envision to continue providing services to meet their online needs.

One Company, Many Websites

Even before the formation of CharterCARE, St. Joes and RWMC each had a number of distinct website properties. Besides sites for their flagship hospitals, Envision was now also responsible for the online presence of St. Joseph School of Nursing, the Roger Williams Cancer Center, Elmhurst Extended Care, Southern New England Rehabilitation Center, and more.

Each of the sites under the CharterCARE banner were designed and developed at different times and by different teams, so their quality varied greatly. Additionally, there was very little consistency across the range of websites and data that was found in multiple places had to be managed on a site-by-site basis. This made data and messaging consistency a challenge, but with so many websites to worry about, a complete overhaul was simply not feasible for the organization until they decided to partner with Prospect Medical Holdings in mid-2014.

CharterCARE websites

Many Websites, One Big Project

With the deal with Prospect Medical Holdings in place, and a renewed focus on CharterCARE’s marketing needs, we were finally able to tackle the entire family of websites as one all-encompassing project. Our goals with this project were as follows:

  • To create a design language for all of the websites so that they would all feel like individual parts of a larger whole. We wanted each site to be unique in terms of colors, images, content, etc., but we also wanted them all to share a common design tone and style.
  • We wanted to make sure that all of the sites were multi-device friendly. This meant that they would all be built with a responsive approach.
  • All of the sites would also be built upon the ExpressionEngine CMS. This would allow staff at CharterCARE to be able to make edits across their entire family of sites using one platform.
  • We wanted to be able to “share” content across different websites. Specifically, we needed the directory of providers and any news or press releases to be entered into one central location that could then be pushed out to the various sites. This would allow for ease of management and overall consistency. To achieve this connection, we used ExpressionEngine’s Multisite Manager functionality. This allowed us to string together various sites and URLs under one install of the platform, thereby sharing parts of the database where this information was delivered from.
  • In addition to a consistent look and user experience, we also wanted the entire family of websites to follow the same overall tone for the content of each site. The marketing team at CharterCARE handled the content creation for the sites with our team providing direction and assistance as needed.

Starting With the Flagships

With so many websites needing to be redesigned (this overall project encompassed 9 total websites), we knew that we needed a logical place to start. We decided on tackling the biggest, and most high-profile, websites first – Fatima Hospital and Roger Williams Medical Center.

While many of the sites in the CharterCARE family are smaller sites, these two hospital sites are quite large. They also included some functionality not found in many of the smaller sites, including the “Find a Doctor” features that would allow visitors to search for providers based on name, location, specialty, and more. All of that content had to be managed centrally with the aforementioned Multisite Manager tool, so our team had a lot of backend work to do to set ourselves up properly.

The first three websites we launched for this project included the two hospital sites as well as the website for CharterCARE itself. With those sites in place, and a framework now established for the remainder of the websites, we began to start on some of the organization’s smaller sites, tackling them in groups of 2 or 3 at a time. These included:

From start to finish, Envision spent nearly a year working on the design and development of new websites for CharterCARE. We not only met the goals we set out for at the start of this engagement, but we also established a framework that allows the organization to more quickly and cost effectively roll out new websites in the future.
In addition to the work that Envision did with CharterCARE to launch this suite of websites, we have also worked closely with them since that time to properly maintain the sites and strategize about their online presence and digital communications.

Regarding these projects and the ongoing relationship with Envision, Otis Brown, CharterCARE Heath Partners’ Vice President, Marketing & External Affairs states, “Envision and CharterCARE have worked together successfully for many years. These new sites are an exciting collaboration that will greatly benefit our patients and the rest of our community.”

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