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Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island

Since 1945, The Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island has built and sustained the local and global Jewish community through philanthropic and volunteer efforts, as well as providing social, cultural, educational, and wellness opportunities.

When Envision first began working with the nonprofit, their experts did a quick assessment to understand where the organization stood in terms of the technology solutions they currently had in place. Together, Envision and the Alliance’s controller devised a plan for getting the organization to where they needed to be so that they could maximize their technical efficiency.

Upgrading, Consolidating, & Saving

During that first initial assessment, one of the most prominent issue areas that arose was the Alliance’s IT infrastructure, which was nearing its end of life. If that hardware failed, how would the organization get it back up and running? How would they protect the private information stored in their database? These were some of the concerns that initial conversations raised, and Envision worked with the nonprofit’s staff to construct a solution that would not only replace, but also downsize and consolidate, a large amount of their infrastructure.

With their newly consolidated infrastructure, the organization was spending significantly less on power consumption and cooling costs. By installing hardware that took up only a small portion of the physical space the previous two full-rack systems occupied, the Alliance was able to cut their footprint in half. 

Proactive Management with Expert Advice 

Not only was Envision able to help the Alliance merge and upgrade their physical IT appliances, but they also put a plan in place to consistently monitor the new hardware for updates and potential threats. As a Tier-1 Solution client, The Jewish Alliance can call Envision’s Ground Control Managed Services experts to ask any tech-related questions they may have. Whether a printer is broken, the internet is down, or a serious cyber threat emerges, the team at Envision has already seen the issue and is working to remediate the problem.

Budgeting for a Better Future

Since these initial hardware and service upgrades, The Jewish Alliance and Envision have continued their partnership at a more strategic level. More recently, Envision has helped them to establish an informed budget for their IT spending. The organization’s budget is now reflective of a more streamlined, continuous spend, rather than the unpredictable spikes in expenses that can sometimes happen in IT spending. Going forward, this more consistent budget will help the Alliance ensure that that they’re not caught off guard and can plan well in advance for IT costs

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