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Ocean State Job Lot

With 127 stores throughout the Northeast, Ocean State Job Lot (OSJL) “sells brand name, first quality products at closeout prices.”

Envision began working with OSJL in 2011, helping the company with a number of their technology and engineering needs. The partnership and trust that was forged during these early engagements set the stage for one of OSJL’s biggest technology projects to date – an October 2016 upgrade of the Point of Sale (POS) software that underpins every purchase made in each of their retail locations.

Upgrading Outdated Software

OSJL received updated POS software based on their specific business requirements, but the aging server hardware at each store was running on Microsoft Windows Server 2003. The new POS software wasn’t compatible with Server 2003, which necessitated a complete replacement of the aged hardware across their entire company in order to support a more modern operating system. To add to the complexity of the situation, this project was scheduled during the company’s busiest time of the year. This meant that any delays or complications would have an exponentially negative effect on business. There was no room for error on Envision’s part with this engagement!

Involved in All Aspects of the Project

From start to finish, this entire engagement took less than 90 days to complete. Along the way, Envision was involved in every aspect of the project, including equipment warehousing and inventory management, server imaging, managed power protection configuration, and creating custom scripts. Envision even delivered the hardware to all 127 stores and provided onsite installation and testing. 

Envision completed Ocean State Job Lot’s server platform upgrades without the stores experiencing downtime or any business interruptions, allowing the retail locations to continue with “business as usual” during the holiday season.

A Continued Partnership

With this incredibly important project completed, the partnership between Envision and OSJL is stronger than ever. The company is now speaking with Envision as they consider a number of cloud initiatives as well as BC/DR plans. These new initiatives, in addition to the ongoing engineering help that Envision provides, include infrastructure and VMware consulting and remediation. Ocean State Job Lot knows that no matter what their technology needs are, they can turn to Envision to find a dedicated partner invested in their success.

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