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RI Coalition for the Homeless

Founded in 1988, the Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless (RICH) is a coalition made up of member organizations that pursues comprehensive solutions for the problems of housing and homelessness. RICH offers and manages several programs, including advocacy, coordinated entry, the Rhode Island Homeless Management Information System, a legal clinic, street outreach coordination, system planning, and training.

When Envision came into the picture, RICH was working with a very small IT team using a home-grown technology solution. Now, with an updated IT infrastructure and faster connectivity, the organization can work more seamlessly and efficiently.

A Digital Cleanup

Currently, RICH’s operations are in an office space that is shared with two other tenants.  Because multiple organizations were using the same network, segregation of their IT environment was critical to ensure their data privacy. Envision began by cleaning the organizations digital environment and segregating them from the other tenants.

Since the change to their environment, RICH has seen much faster speeds. The speed ugrades were also tahnks to the work Envision did replacing a significant amount of RICH’s infrastructure, helping the organization get off-site and into a cloud solution. Today, there are no physical servers or data on site, which has freed up both physical space and the time needed to manage that infrastructure. 

Better Solutions, More Trainings

Envison had always understood the importance of training, both for our company and for our clients. With that in mind, Envision’s team helped to build out a new conference room to allow RICH to conduct larger training sessions. These newly-enhanced rooms, updated with the latest technology, allow RICH to bring on bigger teams to train on the Rhode Island Homeless Management Information System (HIMS). HIMS is a “computerized data collection tool that is specifically designed to capture client-level, system-wide information over time on the characteristics and services needs of men, women and children experiencing homelessness.” The ability to train large groups of people on how to use this platform so that it can be managed easily has proven to be a critical success factor for the organization.

Now that RICH is spending less time focused on rote tasks like managing infrastructure and working through internet connectivity issues, their scope of work has become much more streamlined. With these new installations, RICH can handle more case loads and manage more of their client base, helping to alleviate the issue of homelessness in Rhode Island.

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