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Stanley Street Treatment Resources (SSTAR) is a non-profit health care and social service agency that provides a wide range of mental health and substance abuse treatment services to people throughout Southeastern Massachusetts.

Envision began working with SSTAR in 2010, but our relationship with the organization did not really blossom until a few years later in 2014. One of the reasons that the relationship has grown so strong over the past few years is because of a decision that Envision made early on to put SSTAR’s best interests ahead of the desire to simply close new business with the organization.

Doing Things the Right Way

Envision’s first engagement with SSTAR was an assessment for a virtualization project. Based on our assessment, we presented a proposal to virtualize the organization’s physical servers. Unfortunately, some of the changes that were requested to that proposal were not in-line with Envision’s recommendations or the best practices that we follow. Rather than comprise on what we felt was the right solution for SSTAR, we decided to walk away from the deal.

Envision’s commitment to doing things the right way is what that led the company back to us in 2014. They had made changes in their IT department and were looking for some help with a network that was experiencing some problems. The management team at SSTAR remembered our integrity, commitment to excellence and adherence to best practices. This is what set Envision apart and proved to SSTASR that we would be a great partner to work with for their IT needs.

This engagement began with a full network assessment that included a look at hardware, software, Active Directory, firewalls, switching, wireless, virtual infrastructure, backups, and more. With the findings of that assessment in place, Envision was able to architect a long term plan for the organization that would address their technology needs as well as their overall IT budget.

Taking Advantage of Our Expertise

The relationship with SSTAR is a perfect example of an organization really making the most out of the range of services that Envision offers. In addition to the aforementioned virtualization assessment. SSTAR has now turned to Envision for assistance with many aspects of their business that includes their EMR deployment, website design and digital communication services. Envision’s CTO, Jeff Wilhelm, also provides vCIO (Virtual CIO) services to the organization while Envision’s engineers work alongside SSTAR’s IT team to manage their infrastructure.

Future considerations for SSTAR are ways that they may be able to use Envision’ InFlight Cloud Platform to begin moving some of their infrastructure offsite and into the cloud.

The Impact of Envision

Envision’s impact on SSTAR can be seen in nearly every aspect of the organization’s interaction with technology. A few examples of that impact are:

  1. The new phone system that Envision deployed which has eliminated lost calls from patients that had an impact of $100,000 annually
  2. Stability in the organization’s infrastructure that is preventing data loss
  3. A company-wide move to Office 365, which had made their communications more efficient and significantly reduced the number of spam messages they were receiving each day
  4. Strategic direction that will allow SSTAR to focus on core competencies while Envision provides the technology to help the organization deliver on providing superior services and treatment for Southeastern Massachusetts.

SSTAR’s mission is “to provide a quality continuum of care and support to all people, especially those affected by addiction, by responding to their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs.” Envision is proud to play a role in this mission by helping SSTAR find technology solution that will assist them in completing this worthwhile work.

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