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Jun 13, 2024

12:00 PM - 12:45 PM


Live Interactive Demo

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Experience Microsoft's AI-enable Copilot LIVE with CEO Todd Knapp and Senior Consultant Jay Longley!

Don't sign up for just another webinar, join Envision for a live interactive workshop series where you can engage with our subject matter experts, Todd Knapp and Jay Longley. You'll have the unique opportunity to provide examples of your own that they'll use for real-time demos!

  • The first workshop in the series debuts on June 13th at 12-12:45 PM EST. This will be an introduction to Copilot, which covers live demonstrations of Microsoft Copilot, custom copilots, and security issues related to artificial intelligence. It also includes a discussion of real-world use cases and how to measure ROI for AI solutions.
  • The second workshop will debut the following week on June 20th at 12-12:45 PM EST. This one will cover all things cybersecurity for AI. It will focus on tenant security and sensitivity labeling. It will also explain how the graph API and security help us use AI responsibly, according to Microsoft's commitment.
  • The third will debut on June 27th at 12-12:45 PM EST and will be an advanced Copilot learning on how to extend Copilot and build a meaningful semantic index for your user population.

Microsoft Copilot is one of the most comprehensive Generative AI-enabled personal assistants in the market today. Copilot combines the power of GPT technology with the data and metadata in your M365 tenant, all while ensuring the safeguards and controls that are part of Microsoft’s commitment to responsible AI. Still, understanding how and where to apply this technology can be daunting.

Join Todd Knapp and Jay Longley as they walk you through the capabilities of Microsoft's Copilot!

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