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Websites should be able to be used by all people, including those with a disability.

Digital ADA Compliance and Website Accessibility

If your website is not accessible to all visitors, you not only risk losing business, you expose your company to significant legal risk. So how do you know if your site complies with Digital ADA standards? You start with Envision’s RampUp Digital Compliance Assessment.

Understanding Where You Are Today

Before any accessibility work can be done on your website, you need to understand how your site currently stacks up to the standards. This is what our compliance assessment will establish.

This is not just a glance at your homepage using an automated accessibility tool. The RampUp Digital Compliance Assessment reviews every page of your site, as well as 3rd party integrations, to get a full understanding of your digital presence. This assessment is conducted using a number of best-of-breed tools along with manual reviews from Envision’s accessibility experts. This manual process is critical to success and the only way to uncover possible accessibility holes that the tools will miss!

A Report of our Finding

The output of our assessment process is a “clear language” report, along with a detailed roadmap to make your site accessible. You may choose to engage with Envision to implement the necessary accessibility changes (and we provide some incentives for you to do so), or you can take this report to your web development team to have them do the work.

Training and Ongoing Assessments

Getting your site to meet Digital ADA standards is obviously important, but just as important is a clear plan for how you will maintain that compliance over time. This requires training sessions for anyone who manages your website. Our goal is to ensure that everyone who touches your site understands website accessibility and what their resposibilities are to keep the site compliant.

We will also come up with a schedule for future website reviews. While these reviews will be smaller than the comprehensive audit that began this compliance process, these regular check-ins are an essential piece of keeping your site working well for all visitors.

How Does Your Website Stack Up?

Having an accessible website benefits your business in a number of ways. Are you curious how accessible your websites is or how it compares to current standards? Contact Envision's Digital ADA Compliance experts and schedule some time to speak about your specific website today.

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