Envision Technology Advisors, a recognized leader in business-focused technology consulting, announced today the launch of a National Account Acquisition Team, furthering their expansion plans. The initial launch includes the creation of regional sales offices in North Carolina and Texas and expanded operations in the Northeast.

Among the members of this new team are high-performing, industry-leading professionals bringing decades of sales expertise, business expansion strategy, and customer enablement. They are joining Envision from leading technology providers, such as Cox Business, Dell Industries, and Microsoft, where they had a track record of exceeding goals. The team will leverage their industry contacts, as well as memberships in key industry organizations, and highly sought-after certifications, to augment Envision’s national footprint and help its customers thrive.

Although Envision’s client base and service delivery engine are already national in scope, this significant investment in resources and staff will allow Envision to reach new markets and continue to deliver on the vision and potential of the Modern Workplace.

When asked to share his thoughts, Envision’s CEO Todd Knapp said, “Emerging technologies are actively changing the economic landscape, and we’re uniquely qualified to help our clients take advantage of that. We’re leaning into the opportunity to serve the community by bringing to bear the best talent available at a national scale.”

About Envision Technology Advisors

Since 1998, Envision Technology Advisors has established itself as a national leader in business-focused technology services, helping clients craft secure, future-ready workplaces that adapt to a rapidly changing world.

As a Microsoft-centric provider, they offer comprehensive Cybersecurity services and Zero Trust consulting, as well as Modern Workplace, Cloud Infrastructure, and Innovation services. Additionally, Envision offers a complete suite of App Design, Web & Digital Services, Data Analytics, Automation, and more.

For more information, contact Marketing Director Jonathan Browning at (401) 272-6688 or email marketing@envisionsuccess.net.

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