If you’ve ever been to a conference on cybersecurity, you likely found that the subject can be overwhelming.

Over the course of any security conference, presenters will provide you with lots of detail about specific facets of this immense subject area. That’s important, but if we’re honest with ourselves, the reason we’re interested in the first place is to determine what we need to do to craft our own cyber strategies within our organizations. This session, which can be presented as either a webinar or an in-person presentation, will focus on how to do just that. We’ll talk about the key components of an effective cyber strategy and will discuss the specific actions you should take to harden your organization appropriately.

This will be a session meant to provide meaningful solutions that you can action immediately around the following:

  • IT Governance Policy implementation
  • Endpoint control
  • Staff security posture training and measurement
  • 3rd party validation of your systems.

Contact us to learn how to schedule this presentation for your group or event.

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