"A future that is brighter than it’s ever been for us"

– Brent Ouellette

When I was asked to put together some thoughts on “What Envision Means To Me”, I have to admit I thought it would be easy. However, after almost 6 weeks of mulling this over (procrastinating), I found that my biggest challenge is narrowing down what that really means; simply because Envision means so much to me.

I have been with Todd Knapp since practically the beginning. Every day since has been an exercise in problem solving, coping skills, professional development, and life challenges. The majority of my professional life has been helping Envision grow into what it is today, but as much as Envision has evolved and changed, all the more so have I. In many ways, I have literally grown up at Envision. Beyond the aspects of acquiring technical and managerial experience over the years, the most valuable aspects of my life at Envision have been around people and relationships, among our valued clients, vendors, the communities in which we operate and serve, even some of our competitors. But most of all, truly, I can say that it is the people at Envision that I work with every day that are most important to me. Every day I am humbled by the amassing of technical experience, acumen, and sheer force of will to do the best job possible.

Brent - circa 2002
Brent - circa 2002

Sometimes people ask me what it’s been like to work at the same company for as long as I have. I always smile, and if he’s in the room, I give Todd that knowing glance. This company has changed more times over the years so as to be virtually unrecognizable from what it was in the beginning, and through several iterations of what it has been since. The same company? Not by a long shot! But the same golden threads of our ethics, mission, and drive have persisted and been enriched in undeniable fashion.

When I look around on any given day, or even just let the conversations (and laughter) take my attention for a moment from what I’m elbow-deep into, I’m in awe at what this thing has become, and even more so at what our current prospects are as we lunge forward into a future that is brighter than it’s ever been for us.

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