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Security & Compliance

In today’s business environment, companies must contend with threats that are more sophisticated than ever before.

Envision's Security and Compliance solution areaTo further complicate the situation, these threats are always changing, targeting your employees and your business using hacks, social engineering, phishing attacks, and more. To keep up with these threats, your Security & Compliance approach must be as sophisticated and up-to-date as the attacks of those who are trying to compromise it. It must focus on the human element of your organization, along with data security, and policy. Finally, it must include 3rd party auditing and validation throughout the process.

Envision’s Security & Compliance practice is a holistic way to look at security. It addresses three critical areas:

  1. Data & Endpoint Security
  2. Employee Security Posture Training and Measurement
  3. 3rd Party Validation

This approach of securing your endpoints, training your people, and then measuring and validating those efforts will help protect your business today. Once secured, an ongoing Security & Compliance policy will keep your company protected as new employees join the team and new attacks enter the market.

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