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Envision Launches New Website for R&D Technologies

The Digital Innovation and Design (DiD) team at Envision Technology Advisors is excited to announce the launch a new website for R&D Technologies, one of their long-standing clients.

R&D Technologies is a distinguished reseller of Stratasys' full line of 3D printers. The company is also a fully equipped service bureau with in-house technology to handle prototyping needs quickly and efficiently.

The DiD team at Envision completely overhauled the website’s design with a new, modern theme and eye-catching visual aids. Envision’s web developers also restructured the site’s navigation so that visitors can more easily explore product and service lines, request quotes, and browse video and blog content. This redesign will help to ensure a more seamless user experience, solidify R&D Technologies’ brand recognition, and strengthen the company’s position as a key player in the 3D printing market.

R&D Technologies' New Website
R&D Technologies' New Website

The new site was built and is currently hosted with Cyber Publisher, a custom content management system (CMS) that was engineered in-house by Envision’s web developers. This custom CMS allows Envision to fine-tune every detail of the website to R&D’s unique needs and specifications, a process which is facilitated by Envision’s “Real Alignment Websites” offering. As a Real Alignment client, R&D Technologies can take advantage of continuous design refreshes, regular strategy meetings, unlimited remote website support, best-in-class website security, and a host of additional features.

“I think overall the experience with Envision is all-encompassing,” stated Jordan Novak, Vice President at R&D Technologies.

“We knew that we had smart, competent people on the back end at Envision taking care of our needs, and we got the product that we wanted.”

In just the few weeks since the new website’s launch, the company has already experienced a significant increase in the amount of time visitors spend on the site. “Already, the site duration is up 70%, which means that our customers are staying on longer,” remarked Novak. “They’re watching our videos, reading our blogs, and learning more about us. This is huge for us.”

Explore R&D Technologies’ new website and discover more about their work in the 3D printing industry here. To learn more about Envision, visit, or click here to explore their website design and development capabilities.

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